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I Believe in the Power of Stories

I love to write in-depth articles for websites and blogs.
Trying to change the world. One story at at ime.

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    About Brian W. Wu PhD

    Stories are powerful. They deliver knowledge through experience and emotion.

    I’m a writer, author, and advisor who believes in the power of stories and aim to deliver its multiple benefits throughout all my roles.

    I received my PhD in 2015 and my MD in 2017 from the Keck USC School of Medicine. I am currently a psychiatry resident at USC and believe in holistic care. I’ve founded Health Stories for Kids (formerly known as Storybook Illustrated Guides) because I want to help children understand the medical conditions they acquire, so that they can take good care of themselves and lead full lives.

    As a freelance writer/blogger, my style of writing is versatile and I’m always motivated to deliver exceptional content. I have more than five years of experience in topics related to health, technology, science, lifestyle, business and finance. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email or social media.

    Don't Just Take My Word For ItHere's What My Clients are Saying...

    Vikram Nagarkar, Financial Analyst & Editor for Paid Contributions

    "As an editor at, I've been working with Brian for a short while now. Even in our short association, I've come to associate Brian with well researched, well presented, insights on various stocks. That apart, Brian also packs in quick turnaround times and a willingness to experiment and accommodate a clients requirement. Brian understands what it takes to build a promising professional relationship, and I look forward to a long-standing association with him."
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    "I am so glad I met with you. Not only did I get to practice an interview, but he gave me many helpful tips and assisted me to craft answers to some of the questions I was having difficulty with. I feel much more confident going into the interview having met with him"

    Ryan Wallace, Publishing Professional & Science Journalist

    "Having had the pleasure to work with Brian as a writer on my staff, I can honestly say that when it comes to professionalism and well-researched text, Brian is a pro. Covering a wide range of topics, from the health sciences to space exploration, Brian has proven that he is a versatile writer with the ability to work in any environment. And though there are many challenges in the fast-paced position of a staff writer, Brian fulfills his tasks in a timely manner, no matter how daunting the deadline. As a journalist, Brian has a bright future ahead of him, and I expect nothing less than to see some big headlines with his name in them in the future. He’s a bright, resourceful and talented writer, and if you have the pleasure of working with him, consider yourself lucky!"
    "It was really helpful to have your input while writing. Thanks so much for you help throughout the process!"
    "I wanted to thank you again for all the great help that you have shared with me. I've had a great experience working with you."
    "The session was very helpful. You definitely highlighted what was clearly lacking in my responses, while also highlighting the good things. It allowed me to narrow in what I need to work on more, what points I should expound upon, and what ones I should omit from my responses. I feel as if I have a better idea of how to approach some of those questions now."