Books I’ve Written and Published

I’m the founder and author of Health Stories for Kids, a book series that address health conditions in a entertaining way and written for children from 8-12 years old. Check out our site for more info!


What diet is best for me-(rgb) - CopyThis book will introduce you to weight loss through a clear explanation of the most popular and effective diets. From a healthy perspective, you will learn the benefits of the Atkins Diet, Paleo Diet, Mediterranean Diet, DASH Diet, Ornish Diet, Vegan Diet, and the Glycemic Index Diet. And even more, you’ll be able to experiment with our delicious recipes, crafted according to each diet’s requirements. Check it out in Amazon!

I’ve written a collection of microfiction named The Winter Solstice, which follows a family through two generations of small moments that flow and impact them in a variety of ways.


My Wizard Buddy

Co-written with Scott Spotson. An exciting story full of spells, great adventure and friendship. One day, lonely 11-year-old Tyler Dunsmore wishes out loud for a best friend.

Not only does his wish come true, but his new best buddy is Dirk, a 11-year-old magical being who is from another world and is unfamiliar with Earth.

Prepare to face scary alligator soldiers, defeat a berserk giant octopus, and use lots of magic!


My Wizard Buddy: Wizard Planet

Co-written with Scott Spotson. Prepare yourself to go in a fun and adventurous travel to Adgiligda, the wizard planet! Dirk, Tyler’s wizard buddy, has often driven him to distraction even as he amicably conjured feats of incredible magic to help Tyler out of tight spots.

Now, both boys are 12 years old, and Dirk has invited Tyler to visit Adgiligda, his own planet.

This interplanetary travel guarantees one giant adventure after the other when Tyler joins in amazing games of wizardry and tangles with fearsome magical beasts!


My Wizard Buddy: Target Earth

Co-written with Scott Spotson.  In this captivating story, Tyler, now 13 years old, has lost his unique friend. Suddenly, he’s captured on Earth by an ancient race of galaxy hunters called the Genzi, and must find his own way to escape without the help of Dirk, his wizard buddy.

Detained along with fifteen other Earthlings, he must outwit the Genzi as they place dangerous games of skill and agility in his path.

Does Dirk manage to find Tyler and save the day—or will Tyler have to fend for himself and his band of fellow humans?