About Brian W. Wu MD, PhD

Brian graduated from the University of Maryland with a BS in Physiology and Neurobiology in 2008. Because of his passions on both clinical medicine and medical research, Brian decided to attend the MD/PhD Program at the Keck School of Medicine of University of Southern California (USC). He earned his PhD in Integrative Biology and Disease in 2015 and his MD in 2017. Through his clinical rotations, he found himself drawn to the holistic care of patients and the development of their mental, physical, and emotional health. His path led him to pursue psychiatry training to learn how its ability to weave multiple elements of a patient and their stories together can lead to the most understanding and change within a person’s behavior and thinking. Currently, he is a third-year resident in the psychiatry residency program at the Los Angeles County (LAC)+USC Medical Center.

His belief to care is that stories are powerful. They deliver knowledge through experience and emotion. As a writer, author, advisor and actor, Brian aims to deliver its multiple benefits throughout all his roles. He hopes to integrate holistic healthcare with the capabilities of social media, medical technology, and education to provide the best care for patients he can both in person and through research, technology, and education.

The idea for writing Health Stories for Kids (a media company Brian founded) first occurred to Brian as a fifth grader, when he wrote two self-illustrated storybooks titled Wacky Olympics and Body Wars, which personified the immune system and how human bodies fight disease. Through Health Stories for Kids, Brian created 14 illustrated stories for children that also serve as an educational resource for parents and caregivers.

As a freelance writer/blogger for more than seven years, Brian’s style of writing is focused on delivering exceptional content. He has a vast experience in topics related to health, technology, science, lifestyle, business and finance. Brian joined Awesomewriter.com as the new owner in 2016 leading an “awesome” team of writers, editors and designers and helped over 15 small and large businesses with their marketing projects to succeed in all freelancing endeavors. In addition, Brian has been writing for the likes of the LA Times, Student Doctor, Cardinal Health, Wolters Kluwers, LifeHack, Healthline, and a host of other top publications.

As an advisor at MedSchoolCoach LLC, Brian aims to help those who want to learn from his own story. He has already helped hundreds of students get into medical school. He believes that, with the right strategy, anyone can find their path to becoming a graduate or medical student.

As an actor, Brian has experience in martial arts, films, commercials and enjoys bringing stories to the screen.

If you want to know more about the ways he can be useful for your goals, please
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